Sunday, 23 November 2008


I got left alone with Rollie today and we went on a trip to Asda. I was a bit worried 'cos before I set off I couldn't find reverse anywhere so I was just hoping that I wouldn't need to use it on the way to the shops:-).

Also got into a bit of a pickle trying to park at the uni - I found reverse but managed to dig a trench with the back tyre in the mud by the car parking space - went a bit off course!

This said I absolutely loved driving about - I felt so comfy and looked after. We are still very much in love.

C :-0

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Fish and Chip Trip!

We baptised the table tonight with Fish and Chips parked at Netley overlooking Southampton water and Fawley oil refinery beyond ! It was cool. Well it would have been if we hadn't put the gas hob on for warmth. M was pleased as the new speedo finally works so now we know how slow we're going!

Roo came along for the ride. We treated him to fish and chips because he'd let us use the plug in his room to use the steam cleaner to sort out the grimey interior of Rollie. Roo's parting comments were - ahhh it has got quite a lot of character hasn't it. Praise indeed coming from him.

And yes I was quite blown away by the novelty of the experience. It's a shame we had to drive back to normality when we'd eaten. We kind of had no choice seeing as the small charge in the battery ran out and the lights went off!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Valuation Pictures

Mark took these of the van for the insurance people and I thought they were good to give an overview of Rollie as she presently is. I love her!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

7 Go to the Cinema

Went to see Jimmy Bond last night at Harbour Lights and after the film ( which was soooooooo boring) we had an emergency 'what shall we do now?' conflab in the camper. What with the steamed up windows and rocking the van from side to side we successfully became the talk of the car park which was most satisfying.

Paul aka Hannibal, Face the Doug, Mad raving Roo-Murdoch, BA Baracus Green and the three Charlies Angels with extra lip gloss had a great night. Curry chez nous!

I love it when a plan comes together!

Thursday, 6 November 2008


To get insurance with annual mileage we have to fix the odometer. There is a plastic gear missing, which would turn the numbers round. Number of teeth? Diameter? We don't know! Hours on the internet don't reveal anything... Trip to the scrap yard for us on Saturday.

Shouldn't really have passed it's MOT either, noticed that the seatbelt fixings are rusted and look very weak. This'll be it's first major operation! M

Sunday, 2 November 2008

The birth of our new family member

In the beginning

It was a wet and windy night as we 'slowly' and 'carefully' made our way along the M4. Mark took charge of Rollie with me in the Tank as police escort bringing up the rear.

Apart from the pouring rain, the blinding spray and the sudden gusts of wind, the journey was a bit of a white knuckle ride....

Still, we made it home safely and already well and truly bonded. She is going to keep us very busy over the forthcoming winter months but with some extra special TLC we'll have her chomping at the bit come the spring.

I seriously cannot wait to get going!

So I spent this morning (Sunday) scrubbing the cooker etc and taking down the curtains and the cushion covers to wash them at the highest temperature my machine can reach!

We tried out the cooker and that worked well. Mark bought a stearing lock, but it didn't really fit very well so we will have to re-think.

I shall leave the mechanical stuff for another day methinks!